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Polymodular CV Merger

CV Merger

Blamsoft, Inc.

Video clips

CV Merger provides eight channels of merging in a 1U device. Each merger has four inputs. CV Merger also has two voltage-controlled amplifiers.

Product details

In order to do this kind of merging with a Spider merger, it would take eight devices and 4U of rack space. CV Merger is perfect for the Polymodular System, which supports eight voices. And it has a cool Polymodular System logo.

There are level controls on the front for mixing the four inputs. It also has two voltage-controlled amplifiers for controlling the level of CV signals. The front panel Amp controls act as additional level controls for the VCAs.

New in version 1.0.3: - Increased merger clip level

Polymodular System Factory Sound Bank Refill



Released: 2014-11-26
Version: 1.0.3