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RE3Q Six-band Equalizer

Air band Eq

Red Rock Sound

  • • Air band EQ
  • • Easy to use Equalizer
  • • CV control for all six bands

In the ’80s it was the first to use a different approach to tonal adjustments. In conventional analog equalizers, whether they are shelving, sweepable, graphic or parametric types, various sections of the audio spectra are boosted or attenuated by adding or subtracting bandpasses. In this case, frequency shaping is achieved by summing bandpasses. Our emulation of this method is quite similar to the original and improved with additional possibilities of digital technology. Now you can hear it for yourself.

There are five broad, overlapping, interacting bands: 10 (Sub), 40, 160, 650, and 2.5 кHz, along with the “AIR” control, which is an HF boost-only control.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible