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ReSwitcher Audio Selector

Switch 4 Audio Outs


  • • 1 stereo Input / 1 - 4 active stereo outputs
  • • Outputs ABCD activity with Volume control
  • • Main (1 out per ABCD), Multi (ABCD outs on/off)

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Introducing new audio switcher with one stereo input and up to 4 outputs. RESWITCHER have a routing scheme in two modes.

MAIN MODE: You have four ABCD outputs and you can route signal to only one active output A or B or C or D (one per ABCD group).

MULTI MODE: You have four ABCD outputs and you can route signal as 4 copies of stereo signal to outputs A, B, C and D with personal On/Off buttons.
ABCD stereo outputs have own volume control.
ReSwitcher audio selector can be very useful for guitarists as channel switcher for various effects or amps. And also can be useful in many situations into Reason rack to copy your signal and work with activity of those copies.
Small but useful helper utility.

Now with text labels !

Product details

In many situations you can need a copy of signal with signal routing selection. ReSwitcher Audio selector can help you to switch copies of your signal that can have individual effects.

MAIN mode: 1 stereo input, 1 stereo output A/B/C/D. By Switcher you control what output of device A or B or C or D is active. If you select output B, input signal routed to device output B, ACD - is muted.

MULTI mode: 1 stereo input, up to 4 stereo outputs A/B/C/D. With buttons A/B/C/D On/Off you control activity of device outputs. If you select B, input signal routed to device output B, same with routing of A/C/D. A/B/C/D On/Off buttons turn On and Off device outputs A/B/C/D.


  • v.1.0.2: Fixed GUI bug in fold mode
  • v.1.0.1: Add text labels to ABCD channels


Reswitcher Manual



Released: 2019-05-14
Version: 1.0.2