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Rumble K2 Player Light

Rumble K2 Player Light

Oenkenstein Audio

  • • 96 Kawai K1 instrument patches.
  • • Mimics the OS of a Kawai K1
  • • Lots of effects

Audio examples

Rumble K II Light is an emulation of an additive wavetable Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985. This Rack Extension mimics the operation system and the naming conventions on a Kawai K1 and also contains all the default patches: 64 single instrument patches and 32 multi instrument patches.

Rumble K II Light is build as a patch or instrument browser. It is basically a rompler, but this version of the Rumble K series has some additions such as Sine, Super and Sub oscillators, a Wave Loop Shaper, an Amp Envelope section with ADSR controls, 7 effects devices and a Modulation Matrix.

The Rumble K series derives its name from the legendary guitar 101 hero and inventor of the power chord: Link Wray, who used to poke a pencil in an amplifier speaker to get a gritty, distorted sound.

Product details


  1. Digital wavetable synthesis.

  2. 16 oscillator synthesizer: 4 additive Wave Loop oscillators, 4 Sub oscillators, 4 Super oscillators, 4 Sine oscillators with Amplitude (AM) or Ring Modulation.

  3. Shaper.

  4. Amp Envelope.

  5. 7 Effects: Lofi, Overdrive, Filter, Phaser, Delay, Rotary and Reverb.

  6. Matrix with 10 modulation slots or busses, each with 24 sources.



Released: 2018-03-06
Version: 1.0.1