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Selig DeEsser

Sibilance Control

Selig Audio, LLC

  • • Simple and Accurate Sibilance Control
  • • No Thresholds to Set
  • • Sibilance can be Routed to a Separate Output

De-essing without the stressing.

The Selig DeEsser is an advanced vocal De-esser that not only allows you to accurately detect and reduce sibilance in a vocal track, but also to extract all sibilance to its own mixer channel in real time. Despite this sophistication, using the Selig DeEsser couldn’t be easier, and many users will find instant success with the default settings! There are no thresholds to set, no EQs to fine-tune, and no filters of any sort in the audio path. This provides you with the cleanest signal and simplest setup ever possible in a de-esser.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible