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Selig Leveler

Audio Level Control

Selig Audio, LLC

  • • Level Control via Targeted Upwards Compression
  • • Peak Level is Not Increased
  • • Background Noise is Not Increased

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Introducing the Selig Leveler (formerly known as The Curve), a remarkable new dynamics device for Reason’s Rack Extensions.

The Selig Leveler utilizes a unique approach to dynamics control, by applying upwards compression across a user specified range of the dynamic spectrum. This allows the Leveler to target your compression like no other device, meaning the Selig Leveler can compress everything within a user specified range while leaving the loudest and softest signals almost completely alone.

Product details

The Selig Leveler introduces a novel approach to dynamics, allowing you to compress certain parts of the signal while leaving other parts alone.

One common application of the Selig Leveler is vocal leveling. By targeting only the dynamic range between the loudest and the softest words, the Selig Leveler can smoothly level a vocal performance while not raising the loudest word or increasing the background noise. By combining upwards compression with an instantaneous attack time, the Selig Leveler avoids typical compression artifacts like "pumping" and "breathing". Amazing results can be achieved by adjusting a hand full of controls in an easy to follow process. This makes the Selig Leveler one of the simplest, most accurate, and transparent solutions to vocal leveling, available today on any platform.

Another application of the Selig Leveler is to increase loudness on individual instrument tracks without increasing the peak level. This means you can add RMS level ("loudness") to individual tracks while not adding much peak energy to your mix, helping to avoid clipping.

The Selig Leveler makes an excellent parallel drum processor. Once calibrated, the Selig Leveler won't increase the peak level no matter where you set the controls. This uniquely allows you to use a single fader to increase or decrease the RMS level independent of the peak level. This means that you can now more easily hear how you are actually affecting your audio signal, without the concern of being fooled by simply “turning it up”. The Selig Leveler unique ability to give you independent control over the peak vs the RMS level of your audio signals allows you to sculpt the transient shape of your drum tracks like never before.

The Selig Leveler has a place in your mastering setup as well. Although mastering applications were not the original intended use of the Selig Leveler , there are many mixes that can benefit from it’s unique approach. When mastering with the Selig Leveler , you will find you can use much less Blend, slower Recovery times, and lower curve settings and still achieve dramatic and dynamic results. The included Combinators, specifically the Multi-Band, Mid-Side and Side-Chain Combinators, demonstrate additional and unique advanced mastering applications.

From individual tracks to the entire mix, the Selig Leveler gives you a totally new, and simple way, to take precise control over the complex dynamics of your audio tracks!

Version History:

v1.0.0 released Feb 14, 2013.

v1.0.1 released Mar 10, 2013: Fixed a minor bug with silence detection.

v1.1.0 released May 16, 2013: Changed the name to the Selig Leveler.

v1.2.0 released Jul 3, 2014: Peak Hold display, signal LED, and GUI improvements to match other Selig Audio Products.

v1.2.1 release March 2015: Fixed bug with Peak Detector CV output.



Released: 2015-03-07
Version: 1.2.1