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Additive / FM Synth

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Experimental Additive synth with FM capabilities
  • • 16 Partials, Noise Generator & Shaper
  • • Built in FX & Floppy reader

Audio examples

SineSynth is an experimental additive synth with FM capabilities. It comes with 16 sine wave generators, or “Partials” as they’re referred to in additive synthesis or “Operators” in FM synthesis. In FM mode five of the partials act as carriers and the 11 remaining partials act as modulators.

SineSynth comes with 2 LFOs and 2 Envelope Generators that allows you to modulate the level and ratio of the partials, in either “ALL” or “IND” (individual) mode.

For further sound shaping there is a noise generator with analog and digital modes and a wave shaper featuring soft ring modulation, hard ring modulation and waveshaping by tahn curve.

SineSynth is great for warm organic sounds, metallic hits, weird sound FX and disharmonic FM timbres. Since each Partial has CV connections for both Level and Ratio it’s very modular and flexible, and invites for experimental routing.

SineSynth comes with a build in floppy reader and 5 disks containing 10 waveforms each, that when loaded replaces the original sine wave of the partials, making it capable of creating an even wider spectra of sounds – great for crazy experimentational sound design.

The built in spatial effects makes it quick and easy to add reverberation and stereo echos for a sound with depth and width.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible