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Tilt EQ

Tilt Filter

Dusty Devices

  • • Neutral frequency response tilting
  • • CV inputs for every parameter

Audio examples

Tilt EQ is a filter that neutrally shifts the tonal balance toward either the low or high end without otherwise coloring the sound—basically tilting the whole frequency response.

Something is too bright but you still want to retain the original characteristics of the sound? Tilt it.

Your mix is otherwise perfect but it’s a bit too bass heavy and cutting the low end with a parametric equalizer just doesn’t seem to work? Tilt it.

With more aggressive settings, Tilt EQ is also great for creative sound design. It can easily bring forth the sparkle that’s hidden beneath everything else, and add a lot of weight to something that starts out as paper thin. You can also modulate the parameters to achieve something completely different and unexpected.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible