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VK-2 Viking Synthesizer

Modular Synthesizer

Blamsoft, Inc.

  • • Gooey Analog Goodness!

Audio examples

Please note that this product requires Reason 9.2 or later

VK-2 Viking Synthesizer brings you the power of a modular synthesizer, without the hassle of cables. All of the individual synthesis components can be freely routed giving you ultimate power and flexibility. Throughout the device there are DSP enhancements that add analog realism to the sound, from the accurate modular waveforms, to the modeled CP-3 mixer clipping, to the Zero Delay Feedback filter section. You can also just as easily use VK-2 as a mean sounding hardwired analog synth in the default configuration. VK-2’s modular routing is done with displays at each controllable parameter in the device. All modulation in VK-2 is audio rate, freeing you to get your creative routing juices flowing. At the end of the signal chain, pristine effects polish your sound to perfection.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible