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Wave Master Synth

WaveMaster Synthesizer

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Flexible Multiwave Oscillator & Filters
  • • Unison & Sub Oscillator
  • • Onboard drive circuitry & FX

Audio examples

WaveMaster Synthesizer is a analog sounding polyphonic subtractive synth with a powerful oscillator that can morph seamlessly between square, triangle and sawtooth waveforms. The sawtooth waveform can be detuned with up to a total of 4 sawtooth waveforms for a fat unison sound. The -1 Oct square wave sub oscillator instantly adds bottom to any sound.

WaveMaster comes with 2 LFOs and 2 Envelope Generators that allows you to modulate the waveform, pitch and filter frequencies in multiple ways.

The two multimode VCFs in series makes it easy to cut and shape your waveforms. Both filter features three modes; 12dB/oct high pass, 6dB/oct band pass and 18dB/oct low pass.
It comes with creamy resonance and bipolar modulation from the envelope generators and LFO’s.

The drive knob will crank up the levels with a diode shaper (after VCF1) and a tahn shape (after VCF2) – dial in a small amount for warmth or boost it all the way for gritty distortion!

The built in spatial effects makes it quick and easy to add reverberation and stereo echos for a sound with depth and width.

All sounds in the demo tracks are made with WaveMaster, including drums, echos and reverbs!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible