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The spirit of analogue


  • • Authentic analogue sound
  • • 5 oscillator models
  • • Over 1,200 factory presets
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Everything in Diva was designed to give you stunningly authentic analogue sound—but Diva is more than just one synthesizer. We analyzed key parts of several classic analogue synths and meticulously recreated five famous oscillators, five classic filter types and three envelope types. Mix and match components, build unique hybrids or simply recreate a long-lost favorite.

Product details

To really nail that vintage analogue sound, you can dive deeper into Diva’s more esoteric parameters. Like tweaking the individual voice cards in a hardware synthesizer, you can detune the oscillators per voice or add voice offsets to several other parameters. Try the audio rate modulation features, then stack and detune voices against each other to create massive chords. Keep it subtle for a natural organic feel, or push everything to extremes for more radical effects.

From rich pads, thumping basses, cutting leads or oddball chirps… with Diva you have immediate access to some of the most sought-after analogue synth sounds of the last 40 years, at a fraction of the cost.

A final note: Diva can seriously tax your CPU, but the multicore option and accuracy settings are there to help whenever necessary.

Key Features:

  • Authentic analogue sound
  • 5 oscillator models: triple VCO, dual VCO, DCO, dual VCO eco, digital
  • 5 authentic filter models: transistor ladder, Sallen-Key, cascade, multimode state variable, morphing 2-pole
  • All filters have zero delay feedback (ZDF) based on analogue modelling
  • 3 classic AD(S)R envelope models
  • 2 effect slots, each with chorus (3 modes), phaser (2 modes), plate reverb, stereo delay and rotary speaker
  • 2 syncable LFOs
  • Arpeggiator with swing and speed offset
  • Voice detuning per oscillator plus freely assignable modulator, randomized voice offsets for other parameters
  • Up to 16 voice polyphonic, adjustable glide range
  • Resizable UI
  • MIDI learn page and editable list
  • Global preferences page
  • Over 1,200 factory presets
  • 32 & 64-bit VST2, AU, AAX
  • Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (beta)
  • Support for Native Instruments NKS format


  • VST2, AU, AAX (Pro Tool 10.3.7 or newer) or NKS host software
  • Multicore CPU with SSE2 (Sandy Bridge architecture or newer recommended)
  • 60MB free hard disk space
  • 1GB RAM (more recommended)
  • 1000 x 600px or larger screen
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or newer
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

DEMO RESTRICTIONS: The Diva demo is fully functional, but will play a mild crackling sound at irregular intervals. Demo is unlocked with a serial number.



Released: 2017-05-29
Version: 1.0.0