I released a video this week about how easy it is to record custom audio literally anywhere with your phone and to get that into Mimic, mapped, and ready to go as a drum kit in seconds. To demonstrate in the video I recorded my friend Ben’s untuned and bohemian lofi drum kit. So what did people do after watching a video aimed to empower them to record their own samples? Well they asked for Ben’s drum samples, of course!! But that makes sense, too. There is a certain charm to “Ben’s Drums” as they’ve come to be known. Anyone can get perfectly recorded drum samples from hundreds of professional libraries. Nobody but Ben has “Ben’s Drums.” That is, until now!

I took my Mimic patch and wrapped it up into a new custom Combinator for everyone to enjoy. You’ll get Ben’s Drums in all their trashy glory, along with some quick and easy controls to shape them and either trash them up even more, or tighten and polish them if you want to go that route. Let’s all embrace the drumset of a man with more instruments than he has time to tune them all!

And hey, don’t forget that you could still record your own drum samples just like I did in the video, load them into the Mimic inside this Combinator and you’ll have all the same coloration and tweaking control on the front of this combinator to apply to your own recording too. Most of all, enjoy make something you love!

Download the sample and patch