When you think about great songwriters, who comes to mind? Paul Simon, Max Martin, Björk or maybe Deadmau5? Our recent blog posts have focused on using different tools and effects in Reason 10, but today we’re going to cover the most essential process of all—how to write a song.

Technology has fundamentally changed the way that millions of musicians approach writing songs, and Reason 10 is packed with tools and features that allow you harness your creativity and craft original and compelling tracks. We’ve put together a couple of fast and engaging videos that break down the fundamentals behind creating hooks and melodies, so you can learn how to write a song in Reason 10.

How to write melodies: Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet  


Check out this video for a simple, easy-to-follow tutorial that explains the fundamentals behind creating melodies in Reason 10. You’ll see how to use Reason 10’s Scales and Chords Player to develop a systematic approach to melody writing—without wading through complex music theory.

  • Learn how to record single notes to generate complex chord progressions
  • See how to add interest, movement, and complexity to your musical phrases
  • Discover how to create unique melodies using the notes in your chords


Making catchy hooks in your songs 


In this video, you’ll learn the key difference between hooks and melodies, and what makes catchy songs—catchy. You’ll also discover how Reason 10 makes it easy to craft vocal and instrumental hooks that stick in your listeners’ heads long after the track stops playing. 

  • Learn about 4 essential hook techniques, and how to use them in Reason 10
  • Discover how to effectively layer melodies and hooks in your song arrangements
  • See how to apply punctuation to your melodies to make them more memorable

Now that you’ve learned how to make a song in Reason 10, start your free trial of Reason 10 today and start working on your next masterpiece!