ReFill Packer

ReFill Packer is a utility program that lets you create your own ReFill sound libraries for use in Reason. ReFills can contain samples, loops and all of Reason's patch and song file formats. The ReFill Packer is a free download for all Reason owners.

ReFill Packer 8.2

ReFill Packer 6.5

ReFill Packer 6

ReFill Packer 4.1.1
For owners of Reason 5 or Record

ReFill Packer 4
For owners of Reason 4 and later.

ReFill Packer 3.0
For owners of Reason 3.0 and later.

ReFill Packer 2.5
For owners of Reason 2.0 and later.
The 2.5 version is also needed by Reload to be able to pack ReFills.

ReFill Packer 1.0
For owners of Reason 1.0.

Got something to share?

Coming to this page says you probably have a good idea for a ReFill that you would like to create.

If you feel like sharing your creations with other Reason users, The ReFill Library is where we upload user created ReFills for others to enjoy.

Please check the "Roll Your Own" page for more info on sharing your creations on in the ReFill Library.