Reason 6.0.2 / Reason Essentials 1.0.2 Release Notes

This version fixes the following issues:

  • Viewing the sequencer area by pressing F7 would always reset keyboard focus to the track list, with confusing results. Now the keyboard focus setting is properly remembered.
  • If you changed settings in the Tool window when there was no open song document, the program could crash.
  • The output of the RV-7 "Large Hall" algorithm was in mono.
  • Copy command (Copy to clipboard) could cause an "Unknown Exception" error message.
  • A few remote codecs (including Behringer BCR/BCF, Korg Kontrol49 and mikroKontrol) were not properly replaced when Reason 6 was installed over an existing Reason 5 installation, which made them stop working under Windows 64. Now they are replaced by the new version at installation.
  • Some audio hardware models (that worked fine in Record) stopped working with Reason 6 under Mac OS X.
  • If Reason received MIDI Clock while in ReWire mode, the program could crash.
  • With some HID devices (e.g. Tablet input devices of certain brands) connected, Reason couldn't launch properly.
  • Bounce Mixer Channels would cause Reason to hang if the program was in MIDI Clock Sync mode.
  • Using the Speaker tool repeatedly in the audio editor could occasionally make the program hang.
  • When the scratch disk became full, Reason 6 could crash.
  • Old non-unicode keyboard layouts (Mac only) could cause Reason 32-bit to crash at startup
  • On a Mac with a two-monitor setup and the SecondBar tool running, some actions could cause Reason to crash.
  • Loading samples, opening and saving songs could take a very long time in some situations.
  • General performance has been improved in many areas.
  • The Novation Automap Control remotemap has been updated
  • Remote support for Teenage Engineering OP-1 has been added.

Reason 6.0.1 / Reason Essentials 1.0.1 Release Notes

  • In rare cases, the Save and Optimize could destroy the song file. This would happen if the operating system reported a problem to Reason at a bad (very specific) moment during save and optimize.
  • Using the context menu on text fields in the tool window that could cause a crash.
  • If some actions were performed in the browser while the name of a Favorite was being edited, this could cause a crash.
  • Tempo map information embedded in audio files within ReFills couldn't be read properly. Now it can.
  • The program now includes Line 6 TWXY 5.26.0. This allows access to computer authorized Line 6 models in Reason and makes the program compatible with Pod Farm 2.5.
  • Zooming with the scroll wheel has been made smoother.
  • The vertical navigator in the mixer did not reappear correctly (after being automatically hidden).
  • The previous version accidentally included a beta version of ReWire. Now, the deployment version is included instead.
  • Removed some misplaced text from the context menu in mixer (when running the program in French).