Reason 8.1 / Reason Essentials 8.1 Release Notes

Reason 6.5.3 / Reason Essentials 1.5.3 Release Notes

  • Fixed a problem related to scrollbars under Mac OS 10.8, where the program could crash.
  • Fixed a Create Menu bug, where sometimes the wrong device would be created.
  • Fixed a bug in how the Browser uses the registry under Windows. This could lead to situations where some file types couldn’t be browsed and loaded.
  • The Download All function for Rack Extensions could cause the Authorizer to misbehave or fail.

Reason 6.5.2 / Reason Essentials 1.5.2 Release Notes

  • Authorizer now works properly under Windows 8.
  • Reason now works with AMD processors under Windows 8.
  • Fixed Combi patch backwards compatibility that was broken in 6.5.0 and 6.5.1.
  • Default browse locations now work as in Reason 6.0.2.
  • Rack Extensions now respond to sample rate changes in the ReWire host.
  • Dropped support for 22,050 Hz sample rate on playback and export.
  • Fixed crash bug when exporting song containing a placeholder device.
  • Stopping playback now cuts hanging notes in Rack Extension devices.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio glitches in Neptune’s Live Mode.
  • Fixed resource/memory leak when browsing in locations with lots of items.
  • Fixed a bug in NN-XT when doing Set Root Notes From Pitch Detection.
  • Fixed a bug where bounced samples defaulted to 0% Loop.
  • Authorizer will no longer request downloading of license data when it’s not necessary.
  • Fixed some ReWire bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where the Master Section’s Insert FX would be moved when moving a connected device to another position in the rack.
  • Fixed some name label bugs in template songs.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Reason 6.5.1 / Reason Essentials 1.5.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where resetting a Combinator containing more than one selected device caused a crash.
  • Fixed performance issues with Alligator on 32-bit Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where context clicking on mixer parameters did not work if the rear of the rack was in view.
  • Fixed a bug where under specific conditions a Rack Extension could cause a crash.
  • Minor Rack Extension hosting fixes.

Reason 6.5 / Reason Essentials 1.5 Release Notes

The main new feature in this release is the support for Rack Extensions - this is described in the Operation Manual included with the applications. In addition, the following changes and additions have been made:

  • The device palette has been redesigned. Devices are categorized differently there and on the Create menu.
  • The function previously called “Initialize Patch” is now called “Reset Device”. It works the same, but is now also available for devices without patch support.
  • An additional option has been added in the Bounce Mixer Channels dialog: “Copy original channel settings”. This is available when you bounce to new tracks in the song and the “Apply Mixer Settings : None” option is chosen. The new mixer channels can then get the same channel settings as the original - useful for bouncing a CPU-heavy instrument track but keeping full mixing freedom.
  • Parameter values are shown with proper units in the Inspector and Combinator programmer (this is only available for devices based on Rack Extension technology).
  • The Parameter Automation dialog has been removed. All parameters for a device are instead listed on the Track Parameter Automation menu (above the track list), and grouped in the same way as in the Combinator programmer.
  • Slight changes in the browser: The locations to the left have been rearranged, with some options added (including the “Rack Extensions” location). The main view has now a “Kind” column showing device type. Sorting of the browser view is remembered per device. The default order for sorting by the “Modified” date is now newest at the top.
  • The “Learn from control surface input” checkbox in the Edit Remote Override Mapping dialog is now activated by default, saving that annoying extra mouse click…