ReCycle 2.1.2 update

This updates provides compatibility with Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard and AMD64 Processors. Furthermore, minor alterations have been made to the authorization procedures, reducing the risk of having to enter your serial number again, after installation.

Go to ReCycle 2.1.2 download page

The ReCycle 2.1.2 is a free update for owners of ReCycle 2.0 who have the 2.0 CD and owners of ReCycle 2.1. Users who bought the downloadable 2.0 upgrade and owners of ReCycle 1.x need to visit the PropShop to get their separate update packs. For more info about the ReCycle 2.1.2 upgrade paths, please refer to the ReCycle 2.1 update FAQ

ReCycle 2.0

The ReCycle 1.x to 2.0 is no longer available for purchase. Users who bought the ReCycle 2.0 update in the PropShop can still download it here.