Reason multi-seat licenses and site licenses EOL

Up until Reason 11, we supplied multi-seat licenses for use in teaching, but as of Reason 12, there is no longer a multi-seat offering for Reason. We’re looking into multi-seat / school environment solutions for the future but can’t give any dates yet as to when something will be available.

If you have any questions regarding EDU licenses feel free to send us a e-mail:

Here you will find documentation and details about Reason 9-11 multi-seat licenses (EOL):

Today we offer single user licenses for Students and Teachers. These should be owned and used by the students themselves (not the school). The products are available in local dealer stores.

Product#: 109715745
Desc: Reason+ Student 1-year prepaid subscription


Product#: 109715743
Desc: Reason 12 Student/Teacher

For more information see this page.

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