Reason Educational Licenses

Educational versions of Reason come in single and multi user packs, for use on a single computer or on any computer on the school’s network. Multi license packs can be combined for the number of simultaneous students you need to provide for.

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Product Guide

If you already have educational versions of Reason and/or Record you are eligible for our upgrade license packs. Simply use the table below to determine what you have, what you want, and what you need.

What you have What you want What you need
Nothing Single license for a teacher Reason Student/Teacher
Reason on multiple computers A Reason Education 5 or 10 pack, for use with network authorization. Packages can be combined for additional seats.
One or more Reason five or ten user packs Reason 11* The equivalent number of Reason Education Upgrade five or ten packs. Please note that this require the computers to be networked.

* The new Rack Extension technology, introduced in version 6.5 of Reason, is not compatible with multi licenses, and can only be purchased and used if you have one single-user license registered to a Reason Studios user account. Students and Teachers who have a Student/Teacher version of Reason can upgrade to the latest version of Reason with the regular Reason Upgrade to purchase and use Rack Extensions.

How to Buy Educational Licenses

Educational licenses of Reason and ReCycle are available through many of the same places our retail versions are sold around the world. To help ensure you get the correct combination of licenses for your school and the right version of new or upgrade packages, our local distributor in your area will best be able to help you.

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