Instruments & Effects Matrix

If you are into 70s style modular synths or if you simply like to play around with an analog style sequencer that can control virtually anything in the rack, take a close look at Matrix.

The Matrix is an analog style step sequencer that can control any synth or effect unit in the rack with CV and gate. Like the ReBirth drum computer, Matrix is pattern based with 32 pattern of up to 32 steps each. Matrix's patterns can control note CV, gate/velocity and a separate curve track that outputs modulation data.

The Resolution selector allows playback of the pattern in a range between 1/2 notes to 1/128th notes. The playback resolution is of course completely independent of the sequencer, which means you can try out different resolution ideas while the sequencer is playing.

The Programming Interface

Matrix is a monophonic sequencer. The display shows the 32 two steps in the selected pattern. The main part of the display is where you enter the notes and below that is the gate section where you enter gate triggers (with velocity)

The gate section is also used to set note length. Note that since this is CV/gate sequencing, the note CV and gate values are separate from each other. In other words, a CV note that has no gate associated with it won't be heard. Ans similarily, if you create longer notes in the gate section, you can create legato notes. Very handy for certain bassline sounds.

Connections and Complex LFO's

That's almost it, but wait. Turn the Matrix around to have a look at the back. How does it all connect?

By connecting CV and gate outputs to the receiving device, Matrix activates and controls the pitch of each note. The third output "Curve" sends a CV signal which has can be connected to just about anything.

You can of course use the Matrix to create complex LFO's for control of say reverb decay, oscillator modulation, panning etc. or even use it for exciting rhythmic synth control, impossible to achieve through conventional playing.

The Matrix is first of all about playing around and trying idea's without the confines of a complete sequencing environment. Use the Alter Pattern function plus work with the ties and magic will happen.

CV Curves and Pulveriser 3:33

Custom Alligator Patterns 7:13

What is the Matrix?