Reason in the Classroom

We visited some top institutions around the world to discuss how Reason is being used to teach desktop audio production,
hardware-based studio production & even studio wiring/design.

Reason Education is a software recording studio for musicians. In the classroom, Reason has many distinct advantages over other music software programs, allowing students to focus on music creation and production, not system maintenance and software incompatibilities.

Students can freely experiment and find solutions to audio problems while maintaining creative flow during music production, invariably spending more time on their projects and assignments.

Reason's studio simulation metaphor allows students to configure (and reconfigure) a complete sound studio, selecting and wiring audio processors and generators while the large format console model provides a rare chance for students to prep for work in large, professional studios.

The flexible environment lets students experiment with signal path and internal routing, customize their sound experiences and 'break the rules' - all connections allowed!

Reason provides a complete set of effects including mastering tools, so students can practice difficult setups like multiband and parallel compression and mid/side processing.

Connect the Ignition Key to the USB port on a server or a computer on your network and the clever multi-license system allows students to use Reason on any computer on the network until the license limit is reached.

How do I set it up?

The computer where your Ignition Key is connected should work as a network server for the seat computers running Reason. For this, you need to enable the network server feature in the Codemeter Software that is installed with Reason.

For details on how to set this up, please see the
Reason 8 Multi User Licenses Manual
Reason 9 Multi User Licenses Manual
Reason 10 Multi User Licenses Manual
Reason 11 Multi User Licenses Manual

Please note that Reason multi-licenses are not compatible with Rack Extensions.