Renowned music producer Hilton Wright II, credited for his work with artists such as Mike Posner, Big Sean, Sofia Reyes, and contributions to the TV show “black-ish,” guides you through his signature workflow in this exclusive tutorial. Hilton unveils the secrets behind his personalized production process in Reason, illustrating how to streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency and creativity. Discover the importance of crafting a default template that serves as the foundation for your entire project. Learn how to seamlessly integrate MIDI OUT to hardware synths and players, adding an extra layer of depth to your sound. Hilton also shares insights into the art of arrangement with his specially designed templates, providing a great kickstart for any session. Moreover, Hilton underscores the significance of organization through Favorites lists, showcasing how curating the perfect collection can enhance your creativity and efficiency. Bid farewell to the overwhelming array of instruments and sounds, as Hilton guides you in handpicking the essentials for your unique sound. Get ready for some serious music making!