Start making your own beats in Reason!

Try Reason for free       Buy Reason Post Malone is a Grammy® Award-winning rapper and producer with over a dozen platinum-certified songs like “White Iverson,” “Better Now” and “rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)”. Known for blending genres like hip-hop, pop, rock and R&B, Post Malone has developed a diverse new sound that people love. In this video tutorial, world-class producer Kato On The Track will show you how to make a Post Malone type beat in Reason 10. Start With an Inspiring Sample In order to capture Posty’s genre-bending aesthetic, start the track off with a somber guitar loop in a minor key. You can download the loop Kato uses in the video for free from his website. Use a low-pass filter on the loop and roll off the high-end to remove any harshness. Then, use a short plate reverb to add space, and a short delay to create a slapback effect for added depth. Next, create an ambient vocal loop using your favorite samples, or download Kato’s Melodies Vol. 1 sample pack for free on his website for a fresh dose of inspiration. Give the vocals an underwater effect by rolling off the highs and adding reverb and delay. This will help push them back in the mix and make room for the lead vocal. 808 Bassline Now that the guitars and vocals are locked in, it’s time to turn this loop into a full song. Add a bassline using an 808 patch with the NN-XT Advanced Sampler. Use a high-pass filter to remove unwanted sub-bass, and a low-pass filter to maintain a dark, lo-fi sound. Kong Drum Designer With the bassline in place, it’s time to drop in that Post Malone beat. Load up Kong Drum Designer and recall your favorite kit. Start by adding a snare on the backbeat. Don’t forget to throw in a few rolls for that signature hip-hop sound. Next, lay down a hi-hat rhythm using a combination of open and closed cymbal hits—Kato even adds a short tape delay on the open hits to match the open, airy mood of the track. Layer in interesting sound effects like reverse sweeps and alternative snare hits—just be sure to roll off the highs with a low-pass filter and add reverb to maintain the vibe. Then, add a thick, punchy kick with plenty of compression to control the dynamics. Center your kick in the middle of the mix by turning the stereo width down on the mixer channel. Use a high-pass filter to roll off lows below 30 Hz to make room for the bass, along with a low-pass filter to match the aesthetic of the other instruments. Grain Sample Manipulator Finally, it’s time to add a soft pad to emphasize the chords and melody of the track. Load up Grain Sample Manipulator and select the Radio Choir preset as a starting point. Use your favorite compressor to smooth out the dynamics and increase the sustain of the pad. With all of your textures and instruments in place, the only thing this beat needs is a hot 16 from your boy Stoney. Now that you know how to make Post Malone beats in Reason 10, it’s time for you to show the world you’re a “rockstar.”