Hey! Ryan here. So, it happened like this… On a recent trip to LA, I was hanging out with Ian Kirkpatrick at his studio, and we got to talking about what he’s up to. Lizzo’s album was about to drop, and he had landed three cuts on the album, including the title track ‘Special’ and the 2nd single release. But that wasn’t enough to get Ian to rest on his laurels. He was busy working with a lot of other producers. And the more he talked about his collaborations, the more I realized how often producers at his level embrace collaboration with other equally talented and successful producers.

And why shouldn’t they?! It only makes sense to consult with someone else who has a proven track record of turning great songs with potential into massive chart hits for today’s top artists. What might they hear that he isn’t hearing? What unexplored hook potential could they add? Is there anything that gets in the way of the song? Ian and others like him constantly seek a fresh perspective from trusted collaborators.

So as we got to talking the real idea hit us: we should find a producer with a cool song that surprise them with an Ian Kirkpatrick collaboration. And that, folks, is exactly what we did. Natali Noor, a self-taught producer and artist from Stockholm, had a great song and we asked her if she could send us the stems for a project we couldn’t explain yet. “Trust us, you’ll be glad you sent them.” With that promise and some trust from Natali it was game on.

I spent the day with Ian in his studio watching him work for six hours and soaking in his creative process. Once I got back to the edit studio I did my best to condense that six hours down into a relatively tight 30 minute form while preserving the spirit of experimentation and trial-and-error production Ian has. He doesn’t arrive at the perfect idea by way of divine inspiration. He arrives at the perfect idea after trying every possible other option. It’s inspiring to watch!

Once Ian had done his part it was time to invite Natali into the Reason Studios office to see the reveal of what Ian did with her song. We’ll let the video speak for itself from here, and the song too. It’s an awesome song that Ian added his own twist on while keeping and accentuating all this was great to begin with. A HUGE thanks to Ian Kirkpatrick and Natali Noor for being such good sports on this super fun project to do all together!

About Natali

Natali Noor, a 27-year-old self-taught producer, singer, and songwriter from Stockholm, gained prominence in 2016 with her track “Moon,” chosen as the Summerburst Anthem. Named Spotify’s first-ever RADAR songwriter, she has produced and written for artists like VÉRITÉ, Laleh, Kasbo, and Hanna Ferm, and composed music for several films. Notably, her single “Policeman” earned a mention in Rolling Stone Magazine, and she graced a billboard in Times Square, New York City.

Check our her music here.