2022 has been a massive year for Reason Studios so far, have you missed one of our free giveaways?

Here is 2022 Vol.1, a collection of all the free downloads between January and July.

Are you looking for patches using classic bass line soft synths like Subtractor, or are you making beats with ReDrum?

There is a lot to choose from and they are all FREE!

Download Reason Giveaway Collection 2022 VOL.1

Lets start with one of our biggest free giveaways, a complete Synthwave song file in Reason 12 from the legend that is Com Truise!

This includes the midi sequence, synths, drums & effects for you to explore and remix to your hearts desire.

 Humint Song File by Com Truise

Friday Giveaway – Humint Song File by Com Truise

As the Dua Lipa live tour takes over the pop world with her incredible glitter bomb of a show,

producer and Reason Studios ambassador Ian Kirkpatrick, shared with us the Combinator patch he used on “New Rules “

Here you will discover how he created the iconic sound using a number of classic Reason devices – Malström, the BV512 Vocoder, Scream4 and a pair of the “Red FX”

Friday Giveaway – Ian Kirkpatrick’s “New Rules” Patch

Next we have a collection of instrument patches for our original trilogy! The Granular wavetable synth “Malström”, Bass polysynths for “Subtractor” &  TR-707 samples for the classic”Redrum” Drum machine!

Friday Giveaway – Redrum OG
Friday Giveaway Subtractor OG
Friday Giveaway – Malström OG

Bass music super group Gentlemens Club, Our Ambassadors, created some Combinators with heavy sounds to inspire your production.

Friday Giveaway – Heavy Basses by Gentlemens Club
Friday giveaway – Gentlemens Club. 5 filthy Dubstep Combinator patches.
Friday giveaway – Oscar & Alice’s Field Recording Patches

Maybe Drum and Bass or Jungle is more your flavour? Here you will find a large collection from producer and DJ Decline.

Algoritm Jungle Basses by Decline
Friday Giveaway – Complex Vibes by Decline
Friday Giveaway – Liquid Arps & Chords by Decline

We had a Live stream with Andrew Huang, where we discussed all things BV-X and he shared these 10 free instrument patches.

Friday giveaway – Andrew Huang’s BV-X patches
Friday Giveaway – Freequel Noise

Have you ever wanted the sound of the legendary SP-1200? Ryan cloned it using the the Combinator!

Friday Giveaway – Ryan’s SP-12 Emulation
Friday Giveaway – Drum Echo
BPM CREATE Mimic Patches Giveaway
Friday Giveaway – Budda Beats Drum Loopz
Friday Giveaway – Broken Sounds
Friday Giveaway – Note Fountain

And finally in January we celebrated the one month birthday of Bassline Generator with a collection of four Bassline Generator patches, four instrument patches and a few audio demos ready to throw into a sampler.

Friday Giveaway – Bassline Generator patches

We are only half way though the year with many more exciting free downloads still to come!

Looking for more? If you click on giveaways in the menu, you will find everything including our 2021 selection.