Hello, I’m Marcus Adler, heading up the marketing team at Reason Studios.

Our team produces all the stuff you see around the web, from the YouTube videos featuring Ryan to what you see from us on social media.

Outside the office we try to meet as many Reason users as we can but also the industry at large. This year, we have plans to attend Superbooth in Berlin in May and ADE in Amsterdam in October. Just last week, we were at the NAMM show in Los Angeles.

Sometimes, we set up a booth with our product team to showcase new releases, as we did at Superbooth last year when we launched Objekt. Other times, like at NAMM, we prefer mingling at bars or attending various shows.

Last year at ADE, we hosted a masterclass session where we connected with numerous Reason users and even converted some non-Reason users. Teaming up with Reverb, we hosted a workshop panel focusing on hybrid solutions for studio software and hardware. During the Masterclass, Rotterdam-based DJ and producer Beyun shared insights into her use of Reason for live performances. Additionally, we were honored to have Acid House star DJ Pierre join us and discuss his extensive career. He also elaborated on his transition from hardware to software and offered valuable insights into creating a hybrid studio environment.

We’ve posted some videos from the event on YouTube, so be sure to check them out.

Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to meet many of you during 2024!