Hey Reason gang!

Big news! Reason Studios just reached its 30th anniversary milestone! That’s right, our beloved music production company has been shaping the music industry for three decades now.

How did we celebrate? Well, we threw a party right in the heart of Los Angeles at the iconic Village Studios together with our LA friends at Something Dope For the People. Lights were flashing, beats were dropping, and Reason lovers from all over came together under one roof to celebrate the heartbeat of our music-making journey. During the evening we had plenty of live acts playing, Soma, Savannah Bleu and Temani Hill to name a few (make sure to check them out!)

In the middle of the party, we had a livestream hosted by Ryan, featuring an incredible lineup of guests including Dj Battlecat, Hilton Wright II, Robert Eibach, Phonix Beats, Shami Sosa, David Longoria, Chris Reed, and Yung Skrrt. You can catch the full 4+ hour livestream right here.

But let’s take a quick walk down on memory lane. Reason Studios isn’t just a company; it’s been an integral part of music history. Since its inception in 1994 with the groundbreaking Recycle, Reason Studios has been the go-to destination for musicians and producers worldwide.

From the rise of electronic music in the late ’90s and early 2000s to its important role in the evolution of hip-hop, Reason has consistently shaped the sounds of each era. And let’s not forget its contribution to the indie scene of the 2010s, where it became the secret weapon behind countless DIY anthems.

As we danced the night away at Village Studios, we weren’t just celebrating the software. We were celebrating the memories, the hits, and the music makers like you who’ve made Reason and Reason Studios a part of their musical DNA.

The celebrations won’t stop here! We’ll be continuing the festivities throughout 2024, so stay tuned for stuff coming up. But for now, here’s to 30 years of innovation, inspiration, and countless musical adventures. Happy birthday, Reason gang! Here’s to many more years of creating sweet, sweet music together.

Marcus Adler – Chief Marketing Officer