The process

Welcome to a deep dive into the world of vintage soul, brought to life by the Reason genius and super talented Hilton Wright II. In his latest track, “Until The Stars Fade,” Hilton collaborates with Kameron Corvet to create a musical experience that special retro feeling.

The Journey

In this video, Hilton opens the doors to his creative process, showcasing how he crafted “Until The Stars Fade” entirely within the Reason rack with great help from some inspiring refills, Reason Soul School 1 & 2. From the initial inspiration to laying down the chorus progression, each step is thoroughly explained.

The Retro Sound

Hilton’s expertise shines as he demonstrates how to achieve that perfect retro sound. You’ll see how he blends modern techniques with vintage vibes to create a track that feels timeless but still modern. Whether you’re a experienced producer or new to the music making world, there’s something special about watching the process happen.

The Collaboration

Adding to the allure of this journey is the collaboration with Kameron Corvet. Kameron’s soulful influence and Hilton’s innovative production style come together to create a track that is both nostalgic and contemporary.