INFEKT is an established dubstep artist and DJ who also happens to be a great tutor. He was kind enough to make these two awesome videos for our YouTube channel where he shares some tricks to elevate your dubstep sound design in Reason.

When you want something out of the ordinary, reach for Parsec 2. It’s excellent for dubstep and experimental electronica but really, you can use it for any song that needs an occasional “what on Earth was that?” moment to keep the listener’s attention. Parsec 2 can be used for more normal sounds as well, but it really shines when you need something dissonant, experimental, robotic, and otherworldly.

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The latest addition to Reason is Objekt, an instrument designed to create organic and acoustic sounding timbres. That’s not something a dubstep producer would have much use for, right? Wrong. Because one very cool feature Objekt has is that you can feed external sounds into it that will come out the other end sounding drastically different. Don’t miss this one.