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Propellerhead Software Opens Rex2 File Format Playback to Third-Party Manufacturers

Propellerhead Software Opens Rex2 File Format Playback to Third-Party Manufacturers

NAMM ANAHEIM, CA 15 January 2004 – Propellerhead Software, the Swedish company behind acclaimed products such as Reason, ReCycle and ReBirth, today announced that they have opened the acclaimed REX2 sample data format to allow file playback by any third-party applications.

REX2 is a flexible file format for sampled grooves that is created by Propellerhead's ReCycle application. To create REX2 files, ReCycle 2.1 slices up samples into rhythmic segments. The effect of this is that the loop becomes tempo independent. One can edit its components freely to "rebuild" the loop, and the timing information in the recording (the musician's "groove" and "feel") can be applied to other (sequenced) elements of the music. Since its release in 1994, musicians working in loop-based genres such as Hip Hop, Drum n Bass, and Electronica have come to rely heavily on ReCycle for creative loop manipulation.

In the past, major Developers such as Steinberg and Emagic applied for and obtained a license to support REX playback in their applications. Now as an open format, any manufacturer, large or small, can support REX playback in their applications.

Third-party manufacturers are encouraged to download REX2 developer documentation. Implementing the Propellerheads REX2 file format in other applications or hardware is free of charge. Further information about the REX2 file format is available at

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