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Reason Studios introduce Native Support for Apple Silicon and offline mode with the new 12.6 Update

Stockholm, Sweden, May 2, 2023: Reason Studios, the Swedish music software company, has today released the much-anticipated 12.6 update to Reason, their popular standalone music-making software and plug-in (VST3/AU/AAX).

The Reason 12.6 update includes two major features aimed at enhancing performance and workflow:

  • Native support for Apple Silicon

  • Offline mode that enables all users to use Reason without an internet connection wherever they are.

With native support for Apple Silicon, Reason now boasts 50% better performance on M1/M2 computers, giving users the best music making experience possible without any overhead or poor performance.

“This is a must-have update for those who have purchased a new Mac with an M1/ M2 processor” says Martin Fridegren, Product Manager at Reason Studios.

The new offline mode ensures that music makers can continue to produce music even when they lose internet access or are located off the grid. By logging in to Reason just once, users’ computers are automatically authenticated and can continue to use Reason without an internet connection. The offline is seamless, meaning it is built-in to Reason and do not require any separate third party applications to be installed. The new offline mode also brings offline support to Reason+, a subscription service that includes Reason and all updates, a continually updated sound bank and the entire Reason Rack.

Moreover, Reason’s Rack Extension technology has been updated so that all 750+ Rack Extensions run natively on Apple Silicon, even if a Rack Extension is no longer maintained by its original developer.

“Since the Rack Extension format is platform agnostic, we are able to ensure that our music makers can continue to use their favorite Rack Extension plug-ins even on new computer architectures.” Martin Fridegren continues. “We take great pride in making sure you can always access music you made in Reason.”

The Reason 12.6 update is available today and is free for all Reason 12 owners and subscribers of Reason+. Reason Studios recommend all users to update for a better music making experience. Together with the update, Reason Studios now offers a 40% discount on all upgrades to Reason 12 for users on older Reason versions. The offer is only available between 2nd and 8th of May 2023.

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