Beatmaker Bundle

100% Style

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This bundle is exclusively available at Reason Studios!

Beatmaker Bundle – 100% Style, 0% Sweat

UJAM Beatmakers upgrade your production with genre-authentic sounds and grooves of impeccable quality. Each Beatmaker is a versatile tool for professional composers and producers in need of a powerful creation tool for genre-authentic electronic beats and grooves, without the limitations of loops. The plug-ins offer over sixty musical styles and hundreds of phrases. Grooves and Hits can be played and created real-time using keyboards and other controllers. Extensive dynamic control and a style-optimized mixing console with UJAMs signature macro-control concept encourage live-arrangement and dynamic mixing.

Street-credible beats for your production. Start from scratch or be inspired of the 18 smart-mix presets. Produce legit tracks from Old-School Hiphop to New-School Trap and Grime or dance music and EDM using your new favourite plug-ins. The Beatmaker Bundle by UJAM Instruments includes Beatmaker DOPE, Beatmaker HUSTLE, and Beatmaker EDEN at more than 30% off compared to the single products.

Included in this bundle

  • Beatmaker DOPE
    UJAM Beatmaker DOPE
    Rack Extension Boom Bap, Hip Hop & Rap Think of Beatmaker DOPE as your friend who works at the local record store and has been digging through classic records for the past 20 years to create...

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  • Beatmaker EDEN
    UJAM Beatmaker EDEN
    Rack Extension EDM, Big-Room & Rave Beatmaker EDEN is a dance music and EDM specialist. For any genre from small sweaty Berlin clubs to ginormous global festivals, EDEN provides the driving...

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  • Beatmaker HUSTLE
    UJAM Beatmaker HUSTLE
    Rack Extension It’s a Trap Beatmaker HUSTLE is your fixer for bass music styles like Trap and Grime. On the money for all types of modern urban style genres from Dirty South to Hip Hop to Big Room...

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