ReSwitch Bundle

Switch audio channels


  • • Switch between 4 inputs or outputs
  • • 2 modes (1 per channel / multi)
  • • 4 channel mixer with labels

ReSwitch Bundle include two of Turn2on’s utilities that based on the idea of a 4-channel audio selector. This bundle helps you to route audio signals, but the main idea is a switch between few audio inputs and outputs.

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Included in this bundle

  • ReSwitch IN Audio Selector
    4 Input Audio Switcher
    In many situations you can only use one active instrument/fx line from the few incoming signal lines with signal routing selection. The ReSwitch IN Audio selector can help you to switch one or a...

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  • ReSwitcher Audio Selector
    Switch 4 Audio Outs
    Introducing new audio switcher with one stereo input and up to 4 outputs. RESWITCHER have a routing scheme in two modes.
 MAIN MODE: You have four ABCD outputs...

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