Volt CV Utilities

Modulation Tools


The Volt CV Utilities is a bundle containing all three rack extensions of the Volt family from Zvork. Combine, shape and cross fade between CV signals with the Volt CB-1, Volt SH-1 and Volt SL-1 to expand your modulation capabilities or explore new ways of creating music.

Included in this bundle

  • Volt CB-1
    CV Combiner
    The Volt CB-1 is a control voltage combiner unit that lets you generate an output control voltage (CV) signal from two other input CV signals.

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  • Volt SH-1
    CV Shaper
    The Volt SH-1 is a control voltage (CV) sampling and filtering unit. With it you can sample a signal at any rate, any resolution, hold the value for any duration, and even sample the signal...

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  • Volt SL-1
    CV Selector
    The Volt SL-1 is a control voltage (CV) selector and crossfader aimed at live performance and DJ’ing. With it you can switch or crossfade easily and in sync between various values of control...

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