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Volt CB-1

CV Combiner


  • • Dual CV input combination
  • • Multiple types of combination operators
  • • Visual feedback

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The Volt CB-1 is a control voltage combiner unit that lets you generate an output control voltage (CV) signal from two other input CV signals.

Product details

Available in a bundle with the Volt SH-1 and Volt SL-1

Whereas the classic Reason CV Spider lets you merge multiple CV signals by adding them, the CB-1 adds a number of new operations such as Average, Minimum, Maximum, Multiply and Subtract. All these operations work on ALL types of CVs. You can multiply your gate and note CVs too! Cross device modulation has never been as powerful in Reason.

Check out the product page for a thorough description of its features.

All "Molecule" acid tracks composed by SH9 and can be bought through at They were made entirely with CV modulations combined with Volt CB-1's.

Release 1.0.1

This small feature update adds two more operations: - Add : as the CV Spider - Compare : this one outputs +1 or -1 based on the greatest of the two inputs. Perfect for binary switching between two values.



Released: 2013-03-27
Version: 1.0.2