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Volt SL-1

CV Selector


  • • Control other devices from one panel
  • • Cross fade between configurations
  • • Tempo synced transitions

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The Volt SL-1 is a control voltage (CV) selector and crossfader aimed at live performance and DJ’ing. With it you can switch or crossfade easily and in sync between various values of control voltage signals.

Product details

Available in a bundle with the Volt SH-1 and Volt CB-1


Up to 24 controls can be plugged to any control voltage input from any Reason or Rack Extension device. Each control can be adjusted between -1 and +1 (or 0 and +1 with version 2.1), can be labeled and assigned to color coded groups to help you identify your setup.


Switch or crossfade rapidly between 12 sets of values. Up to 12 sets of values for each of the 24 controls can be configured lets rapidly switch or crossfade between these values. Meters enable you to visualize the current state of your SL-1 and the weights of each set in the final output.


Sync your crossfade duration and start (or end with version 2.1) to a note. Switching from one set to another can be instantaneous or smooth by adjusting the transition duration, in note durations. And if you don’t feel confident in your rhythmic precision, you can also sync the start of the transition to a note, all synced to the current tempo.


You can link multiple SL-1′s with the “Set” input / output CV signals so as to control all SL-1′s from one master unit. And of course, each slave unit can have different transition and control values from the master.


Starting with version 1.1, each set has an input and output gate socket for finer triggering and modulation.

Check out the product page for a thorough description of its features and access to the documentation in PDF format.


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  • 2.1.2 : Corrected bug with CV signals being outputed during a transition even when device was turned off.
  • 2.1.1 : Corrected wrong CV output range when using "stepped" transition curves.
  • 2.1.0 : Introduces three new transition curves, bipolar/unipolar output mode and the ability to synchronize the end of the transitions.
  • 2.0.2 : Bug fix.
  • 2.0.1 : All 24 controls are now remote mappable.
  • 2.0.0 : This major update adds 9 more controls, non-standard transition curves for each controls, color coded-groups, extra CV outputs and copy / paste of control values between sets.
  • 1.1.5 : This minor version fixes a bug with the Output Set CV signal that yielded an incorrect value if used through a combinator. If you manipulate this signal (with a Volt SH-1 or Volt CB-1 for instance), you might see a slight difference in behaviour with previous versions.



Released: 2019-08-19
Version: 2.1.2