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Inspired by EHX™ Bassballs* and goes beyond. Introduction price. Up to the 1st June
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BassRolls Dual Dynamic Filters

Dual Dynamic Filter


  • • Inspired by EHX™ Bassballs pedal and goes beyond
  • • Individual controls of Low & Hi Roll filters
  • • Dual Filter for Funky bass, guitar, other sounds

Audio examples

Unlock a world of sonic possibilities with BASSROLLS, the cutting-edge audio effect that inspired by the iconic Electro-Harmonix™ Bassballs pedal and goes beyond.
Take full control of your sound with enhanced features and fine-tuned customization options designed to elevate your music production.
Like the original pedal, BASSROLLS is an envelope follower designed for bass and guitar players who want something special and funky, dynamic sound!
But you must try it with any other type of signal.
This effect has a unique character unlike many other envelope follower filters

Dul dynamic filter sweep your signal and create special funky vocal-like sounds.
The sweep is variable and harmonic enrichment with Fuzz effect.

Remember that input volume also affect to the sound processing. High volume and Response values increase the sweep range, when low volume and Response values create little sweep.

BASSROLLS processes your audio signals to deliver unparalleled depth and character to your bass and guitar tracks. Here’s how it transforms your sound:
- Dynamic Envelope Follower: device features an advanced envelope follower that reacts to the dynamics of your audio input. As you play, the envelope follower analyzes the signal and applies the effect according to your chosen curve mode. This responsive processing creates expressive sweeps and unique tonal shifts based on your playing style.
- Precision Filtering: device offers individual control over low and high filters, allowing you to shape your sound with pinpoint accuracy. Adjust the frequency trim knobs to set the center frequencies of each filter, while controlling the response for tailored filter sweeps.
- Fuzz Integration: Add grit and intensity to your tracks with the built-in fuzz control. Blend fuzz seamlessly with the filters for a powerful and engaging sound that cuts through the mix.
Intensity: Modify the intensity of the filter effects to control the sharpness of your sound and effect depth. From tight and focused to wide and smooth, BASSROLLS adapts to your desired tone.

Envelope Attack and Release Control: Fine-tune the envelope’s attack and release times to match your musical preferences. Whether you prefer quick transitions or smooth, gradual shifts, BASSROLLS gives you the control to shape your sound precisely.

Auto Release Mode: Activate auto release mode for an effortless workflow. Dynamic filters intelligently adjusts release times to match your playing, allowing you to focus on your music while BASSROLLS manages the envelope transitions.

Try the BASSROLLS as part of your Reason Rack today.

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