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Coriolis Force

Creative Pitch Shifter


  • • Stompbox: Sustainer, Filter, Dual Pitch Shifter
  • • Tape-Stop & Play / Wah / Harmonizer / Drifter
  • • 3 Pitch Horizon modes & 4 Mark characters

Audio examples

The Coriolis effect is a force that causes objects in motion to deflect in relation to a rotating reference frame.

Turn2on “Coriolis Force” changes the equation of motion for your incoming signal using a number of parameters. Changing the filter frequency and pitch shift parameters downwards / upwards moves your signal to a different location. The hold button stops time, whilst at the same time allowing the main signal to take its own trajectory.

CORIOLIS FORCE is based on a Pitch-Shifter with parallel mode, sustain holder, multimode filter, wah fx and harmonizer.
The Pitch-Shifter’s Coarse and Fine parameters allow individual adjustment of the pitch value of the wet signal for the Left & Right channels. When Parallel mode is engaged, pitch shifting the Left Channel also affects the Right Channel and vice versa. Left and Right pitch-shifter channels have a range of +/-1 octave and have +/-12 semitones fine tuning control. The Pitch-shifter has 4 different Mark modes each with its own frequency characteristics.

When the HOLD button is enabled the wet Pitch-Shifted signal is frozen to a micro loop. A clean dry signal can then be played in parallel to the frozen processed pitch-shifted signal.

In SPECIAL mode, the filter is controlled by the Left or Right Pitch-Shifter parameter. From here it is possible to vary filter modes and routings. This allows emulation of Tape-Stop or Tape-Play effects. If the filter Frequency parameter is controlled using the LEFT PITCH SHIFTER, it works as SUM (Filter+Left Pitch Shifter). The RIGHT channel continues to operate as a simple Right channel Pitch Shifter. And vice versa

Hold control mode is accessible on rear panel. This is used to select between toggle On/Off button and momentary button modes.
Routing mode selects between Off/Main/Post modes of the filter section. In Main mode the wet signal is routed to the Filter. The Filter does not affect the Dry signal. In Post mode both the wet and dry signal are routed to the Filter.
The Filter includes 4 different modes: LowPass (LPX), HighPass (HPX), BandPass (BPX) and XAU (X-Wau) filter.
Coriolis Force’s large number of filter and pitch-shifter modes allow for incredible manipulation of pitch and filter frequencies. The freeze function further enhances the effect increasing the creative possibilities

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible