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Black Knight 5 Band Equalizer

Bigger Better Bolder!


  • • 5 flexible band controls
  • • EQ plot & FFT display [1]
  • • Deeper filter options

Audio examples

BLACK KNIGHT 5 Band EQ is an essential tool to aid with better equalization and more.

Black Knight version 1 included: 5 bands with 2 alternative modes CV connections for each control Saturation control pre- or post - EQ Hear EQ function 3 EQ modes

Black Knight v2 expands on v1 with the inclusion of:

  • 3 views to accomdate your personal taste: Classic, Hybrid and Digital modes
  • Digital ‘touch screen’ displays in Hybrid and Digital views with modifier key functionality
  • Upgrade mode to access 6 band types per band EQ plot display so you can visualise your EQ curve
  • Additional Saturation model for alternative harmonic excitation
  • New Peak meters with overload clip indicators (stereo input and output)
  • Stereo FFT display with FFT offset (+-18dB to allow for quieter signals to be analysed fairly and easily without changing the input level)
  • FFT slope function (-/+9dB at 1000Hz centre)
  • Oversampling mode to aid in a more natural analog style of EQ curve response
  • CV inputs and toggles for input and output controls 3U height to allow easier viewing on larger screens
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible