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Blamco Program Equalizer

Parametric Equalizer

Blamsoft, Inc.

  • • Classic circuit
  • • Analog warmth
  • • Adjustable drive

Audio examples

Blamco Program Equalizer is a classic low and high frequency parametric equalizer for vintage tone adjustment. The circuit for this EQ has become legendary for its ability to improve a mix with minimal effort. The algorithm for the device features a full circuit simulator, giving you the exact filtering characteristics. A unique aspect of passive EQs is the interaction between the filter sections, which is fully modeled in the plug-in. A special capability of Blamco Program Equalizer is its drive, that can be used for adjustable warmth or dialed up for authentic growl. Easily boost or attenuate lows or highs in a musical way, or experiment with both boosting and attenuating at the same time for more complex filtering. Legendary devices like the vintage program equalizer remain essential for the professional mixing engineer as well as the home studio producer.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible