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CustomVibe Multi Vibrato Effect

Custom multimode Vibe


  • • Classical Chorus/Vibrato
  • • 8 Vibe modulation modes
  • • Custom Waveform 12-steps modulation

Audio examples

CUSTOM VIBE is a modern variation of a classical organ and guitar effect, and one of the most unique effects ever created. The original Uni-Vibe (TM) pedal was designed in 1968 by a Japanese company. The main idea was to recreate the Doppler effect, or the sound of a rotating speaker, but the result turned out to be a different sound.
The circuit used was a pre-phaser that the industry created later on, which was
based on photo-cells. Later, many companies built their own versions of the Uni-Vibe (TM) effect based on phasers, delays, and choruses modulations in various proportions and sizes. Later the industry created additional deeper Phaser effects. In classical Uni-Vibe (TM) effect it’s not really a chorus though – modern chorus pedals use delays to create what we
now call a chorus sound, its more Vibrato sound.
We present here a new effect to Reason Rack Extension called CustomVibe. We are not just
emulating the original pedal, but we try to add some modern variations of modulations to create a more interesting and modern effect.
Absolutely flexible and effective FX nowadays

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible