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Dalina String Ensemble

Synthesizer emulation

Oenkenstein Audio

  • • Synthesizer combined with an acoustic orchestra.
  • • Modeled after a Solina String Ensemble
  • • Acoustic orchestra Rompler. Comes with 39 patches.

Audio examples

Dalina String Ensemble.
The Dalina String Ensemble is a synthesizer string ensemble modeled after a Solina String Ensemble at the studio. Build in 1974, manufactured by the firm Eminent at Bodegraven, The Netherlands. The synthesizer is combined with an acoustic symphonic orchestra section recorded by Leonard Ludvigsen.

Dalina String Ensemble uses 2 methods to generate sound:

  1. With a 6 oscillator polyphonic synthesizer and a chorus effect.
  2. And an acoustic orchestra mixer. The acoustic orchestra mixer has 6 sub mixers for each section which name corresponds with the oscillator names on the synthesizer:
    1. Bass.
    2. Cello.
    3. Viola.
    4. Violin.
    5. Trumpet.
    6. Horn.

This device is for everyone who wants to:

  • Use the synthesizer to make a string ensemble sound used by artists from the seventies and onward. The String Ensemble is played by bands like Air, Joy Division, Tangerine Dream and The Cure.
  • Use the Acoustic Orchestra strings to produce cinematic film score, classical score and many other genres.
  • Go modular. The Dalina String Ensemble has CV inputs on the back panel.

The Dalina String Ensemble comes with 39 patches. 9 combinator patches require Reason 12 installed.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible