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Efektor OD3603 Overdrive

Overdrive FX Engine


  • • 5 types of overdrive FXs
  • • Modeled from classic pedal FXs
  • • Authentic analog sounding

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The mildest of all three, OD3603 lets you dial five kind of crunchy tone, singing sustain, and gnarly edge for your instruments.

Product details

KUASSA EFEKTOR is a new line of plug-ins which consists of several of most requested effect units.

Back in the early days of electric guitars and amplification, guitar players didn’t care if their guitar sound were altered to ‘breaking’ by the very limit of their amps. They pushed the gain on their amps for just one thing: LOUD. It resulted in crunchy saturated sound, added sustain, raw, but responds very well to the dynamics of the playing. OD3603 Overdrive is built straight for rock n roll in a box, you may choose from five models of overdrive:

  • Boutique Overdrive: a custom made overdrive, sounds fat and dynamic
  • Modern Overdrive: a new model of overdrive that can be pushed into dense distortion
  • Mad Overdrive: hard, thick and retains the dynamic of your playing
  • Blues Overdrive: imitates overdriven British amps
  • Pro Overdrive: warm and tight, the classic screamer sound.


  • Five types of overdrive in every unit.

  • Gain, Tone, and Output volume controls.

  • Bypass switch button

  • Dry-Wet control.

  • Up to 8x oversampling

  • CV inputs for automation

Download User Manual here



Released: 2017-09-18
Version: 1.0.5