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Enforcer Dynamic Saturator

Get pumping'n'jumping


  • • Five Saturation models with split pre-filtering
  • • Multifunction 3 mode display
  • • Pultec syle EQ for extra taming and control

Saturation: one way to give your sound some extra bite.

Modulation: one way to bring movement into your music.

Now let’s put both together and add in a way to determine when and how much these two key effects can give life and excitement to any and all your sounds.

Enforcer Dynamic Saturator does exactly what it says: using dynamic controls and a full editiable detection system to modulate a saturated signal with ease. This unit can add character to underlying signals in a new way, breathing new life into your sound libraries and performances like no other.

Start with the Input trim to level your signal. Each modelled saturation circuit has been tried and tested to give a variety of waveshaping, from subtle to in-your-face, all to suit your needs. Want a bit more feed? Turn it up with the extra added Saturation Drive control. Throw in a pre-filter for more control over what gets saturated and you’ve got even more ways to tweak and perfect your sounds from the off - add a Dry Level balance control so you can use Enforcer as a send (parallel) or insert (serial) whenever you want - without extra wiring! Get the balance you want when you want it.

The VCA modulation section allows you to set the Threshold, Attack, Hold and Release stages, the Depth of the effect and what gets effected (saturated signal only or saturated + dry signal). The Multimode Main Display adds in the ability to edit the envelope shape (including attack and release curves), view the envelope response (when triggered by incoming audio), and also a unique dual output waveform response so you can see and hear what Enforcer is doing.

Put on the end a Pultec influenced EQ and routing option so you can hone in on getting that sound just right. Final Output trim control adjustment is available right before it hits your master buss and the outside world.

Enforcer Dynamic Saturator: bringing new waveshaping techniques to your Reason Racks

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible