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kHs Tape Stop

Tape Speed Simulation

Kilohearts AB

  • • Tape slowdown/speedup simulation
  • • Variable speed
  • • Variable curve

Video clips

Audio examples

At about the same time as dinosaurs roamed the earth, magnetic tape was the hottest way to store recorded audio. Naturally, cave men discovered that starting and stopping the tape while playing back would lead to interesting effects.

kHs Tape Stop simulates this arcane technology in a simple way, allowing you to get great spindown/speedup sounds quickly with the push of a button. What's next? Harnessing the power of fire?

Tape Stop is one of the devices in the Kilohearts Toolbox bundle.

Product details

Tape Stop simulates the sound of slowly stopping and starting a playing tape.

  • Stop Time - Time until the tape motor reaches full stop when stopping.
  • Start Time - Time until the tape motor reaches full speed when starting.
  • Curve - The speed curve of the tape motor starting/stopping.
  • Play - The current state of the tape motor.

The Kilohearts Toolbox

Tape Stop is one of the devices in the Kilohearts Toolbox bundle.

The Kilohearts Toolbox devices all do one thing each, and they do it well. The philosophy behind this is to give our customers access to the building blocks of sound design and from there you can combine them into really interesting effects. In fact, many more esoteric RE:s are basically a few of these effects combined.

If you own a few, or all the Kilohearts Toolbox devices be sure to check out Kilohearts Toolbox Refill, a big pack of diverse combinators exploring the possibilities of the toolbox.

Usability standards

Kilohearts aim to provide Reason users with a wide range of audio effects that all utilize a common form language and interaction model. This allows for a great user experience that is really valuable when working with with big projects.

Stack 'em up!

We have taken a lot of care to make all Kilohearts Toolbox devices as lightweight as possible. This way you can combine many, many effects without taking up too much screen space, or CPU.

Get it cheap

The Kilohearts Toolbox is available as a bundle with a hefty discount. If you are thinking about buying Tape Stop, check out the Kilohearts Toolbox offer first!

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Released: 2016-10-26
Version: 1.0.7