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Phase Shifter

Kilohearts AB

  • • Free headroom

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Have you ever wanted to rotate the phases of your signal to create frequency sweeps? Funny, neither had we, but then we tried it and were blown away! Disperser smears high energy transients through space and time without modifying the gain of the sound.

Product details

The result of Disperser is a different take on transient shaping or, when used at extreme settings, an effect capable of shaping the sounds in ways you didn’t know you wanted to do. Boomy kicks, snappy hihats, synthetic wet basses or just a sweet utility to shape your signal's peaks and crest factor. The choice is yours!

"Disperser is one of those plugins that does something you probably didn't think was possible, until you hear it." - Noisia

"...there's simple no excuse to not have it in your plugin arsenal." - Computer Music UK

"It's like audio monosodium-glutamate!" - Datassette

"What we love so much about Disperser is the fact that it can really give that extra power to basslines, to give that extra impact that we think is not possible with just boosting the lows with a standard EQ." - Solidtrax



Released: 2016-01-27
Version: 1.0.6