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Onyx Limiter

Onyx 430i Tube Limiter

iox AudioWare

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Onyx is a brick wall limiter that will bring the warmth and fullness of analog to your mixes. It has 3 sonic flavors to choose from so whether you want the edgy, up front sound of tube emulation, low fidelity sound of tape or transparency of digital, Onyx will deliver the smooth and silky sound of hardware.

Product details


THRESHOLD (MAXIMIZER MODE) - Sets the minimum level that the limiter will "maximize" the input signal to the margin level.

BIAS - Controls the amount of bias used in the amp emulation which determines at what point the input will drive the output to "soft limit" near the margin level. Turning the knob to higher values will result in a dynamic sound.

CHARACTER I II III - Selects three mode of amp emulation: Tube, Digital, and Tape. In Tube mode, the limiter emulates the non-linear transfer function and soft limit of a tube amplifier. In Digital mode, the transfer function is linear and similar to a DAW or "software" amp. Tape mode emulates the non-linearity of magnetic hysteresis.

INTER-SAMPLING LIMITING ON/OFF - Performs interpolation using a reconstruction filter to find the true peak from adjacent samples and limits the output signal based on this value. In this mode, the limiter prevents inter-sample overs during playback.

STEREO LINK ON/OFF - Controls whether the limiter will apply equal gain reduction to both channels or separately.

RECOVERY - Controls the amount of time it takes for the limiter to "recover" from gain reduction. This time constant is non-linear.

MARGIN - Set the maximum target level of the output.

GAIN - Applies gain to the input signal before any processing.

DISPLAY OUT/GR/IN/RMS - Select which signal levels to display on the LED bar graph and numerically.


  • 2.9 milliseconds (with ISP)


  • 1.0.1 - Initial release

  • 1.0.2 - Optimization



Released: 2014-11-27
Version: 1.0.2