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Titan Maximizer

Precision Maximizer

iox AudioWare

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The Titan 410x Precision Maximizer is a mastering tool designed to sculpt your music to maximum levels, fullness, and clarity without pumping artifacts or loss of transients. It uses a non-destructive two stage gain and "contour" control to achieve high average loudness while enhancing or maintaining low level details. Even though it was designed as a master effect, the Titan 410x can be used as an insert on individual tracks with zero latency. The output stage consists of a brickwall limiter with adjustable soft clip to "soften" clipped signal levels. Monitoring peak and average signal levels is critical in the final mastering stage and is why the Titan 410x is designed with an alphanumerical meter display which shows both input and output signal levels.

Product details

  • Processing utilizes 64 bit floating point.

  • Alphanumerical display for easy monitoring of signal levels even in bypass mode.

  • Zero latency, which makes syncing real-time audio and MIDI possible.

  • Pre-process "over" 0dB indicator LEDs to detect a "hot" input signal.

  • Adjustable soft-clip algorithm to reduce harsh signal.


  • GAIN - the amount of input gain.

  • "OVER" L/R LEDs - will light when the "pre-processed" input signal is over 0dB for each separate left or right channel.

  • CONTOUR - Controls amount of saturation used in the maximizer algorithm. Increasing this knob will cause the maximizer to bring out low or dull transients increasing the overall average level while leaving peak transients unaffected.

  • SOFT CLIP ON/OFF(button) - Enables/disables soft-clipping algorithm.

  • SOFT CLIP AMT - Controls the amount of curvature applied to the waveforms over -0.15dB thru to 0dB.

  • TRIM - Controls the level of processed output.

  • L/R MAX LEDS - Illuminates when the output is at the maximum level of saturation.


  • INPUT/OUTPUT - Selects whether input or output Peak and RMS levels will be displayed.

  • REFRESH TIME - The time interval when the display updates with new values.

  • PEAK RESET L/R - Resets and re-calculates the highest peak level for each separate channel.

VERSION 1.0.0 - Initial release.

VERSION 1.0.1 - Added trim knob and Max. level LEDs.



Released: 2014-11-27
Version: 1.0.1