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Retrazoo Delay effect

RetraZoo Delay Fx


  • • Two Filter serial/parallel configuration
  • • Two LFO can produce complex modulation
  • • Envelope Follower for modulation and CV output

Video clips

Audio examples

Update 1.3 More sync options were added in the Delay and LFO sections. Advice on CV entries: The knob of the parameter (for example, Cutoff1) is the offset and the CV inputs (bipolar data) are added or minus to the knob offset.

Update 1.2 Added Dry/Wet Linear and Logarithmic mix mode at the back of the rack

Update 1.1 Added BreakOut FeedBack Loop

RetraZoo is a new delay effect unit designed by MagmaSonic. RetraZoo is made up of 5 main sections: - Delay section - Filter section - LFO Modulation section - Envelope Follower Modulation section - Main Mix section

The Filters can be configured as Lowpass or Highpass Filters, in either a serial or parallel style configuration. RetraZoo can produce complex modulation by blending both LFOs and the Envelope Follower internal modulation amount parameters, or externally through CV to modulate other devices in the Rack. Additionally, the output stage "Spice" parameter can be used to thicken up the processed audio.

Product details

RetraZoo is ideal for defining ambient, dark and sound effects sounds in your tracks, use the Time parameter of the Delay section modulated with the LFOs and you will get a crazy sound queue. The Pan parameter and the switch on the back allow you to open the sounds in the stereo field. Try it. The configuration of filters in series or parallel will allow you to mold the sounds easily. The two LFOs will allow extreme modulations and you can take the output of each LFO through the CV outputs to modulate internal or external parameters in other devices in your rack. The envelope follower will allow you to modulate a lot of parameters and in the Mix section you can print character to your sounds with a Spice touch at the outputs.



Released: 2019-06-24
Version: 1.3.0