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Roads MK1 Electric Piano

Piano emulation

Oenkenstein Audio

  • • High quality Rhodes MK1 Stage piano emulation.
  • • Controls: Warm, Hammer, Boost and Volume. CV In.
  • • Comes with 18 patches.

Audio examples

Roads Mk 1 Electric Piano.
Roads MK1 Electric Piano is an emulation of a 73 keys Rhodes MK 1 Stage Piano from 1965 and a Rhodes MK 1 Stage Piano from 1975. This Rack Extension emulates the sound and the look of the original hardware

The Roads MK1 Electric Piano is build as a Rompler. A Rompler is an electronic music instrument that plays prefabricated sounds based on audio samples. The term Rompler is a portmanteau of the terms ROM and sampler.

This device is aimed for those who want to:

  • Have an instrument for use in different genres (gospel, hip hop, soul, rock), but also wants to use a good emulation of the classic sound from the original Rhodes MK I Stage Pianos hardware.
  • Have a small collection of instrument patches of the Roads MK1 Electric Piano. Most are build for the Stage type and are fully compatible with Roads MK I Electric Piano rack Extension version 1.0.

Included are 23 patches. The Roads MK1 Electric Piano comes with some special effects patches which emulates the components of a Fender Twin Reverb amplifier.

The amplifier component patches are:

  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • EQ (Paint)
  • Spring Reverb (The Cold Hall)
  • Compressor (Pressor)

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Mac OS compatible Windows compatible