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RP MasterMagic

Rob Papen MasterMagic

Rob Papen

  • • Mastering & Mix Plugin
  • • Air feature and Mono/Stereo filter

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MasterMagic is a Rack Extension for Reason which you will not want to be without in your virtual mixer Master Section. Just place it in Reasons Master Section and be surprised how much MasterMagic can do for your track! The Mono/Stereo module will tighten the low end while the AIR module adds sheer magic…even if used in small amounts. Enjoy the magic of MasterMagic!

Product details

Air Air works as a booster of very high frequencies with a wide bandwidth using a top-notch algorithm. Its effect is perceived as giving the audio a more breathing space or ‘Air’.

  • On/Off By clicking on the AIR icon, the Air function will become active. This is a handy feature if you also have the ‘Mono/Stereo’ function active. This way you can bypass only the ‘Air’ FX.
  • Amount Amount sets the gain or amount of Air added to your channel. Frequency The frequency control sets the center frequency of the Airband. Its range runs from 30kHz to 40 kHz.

Mono / Stereo The Mono / Stereo Split Filter is able to divide the audio signal into a mono and stereo part based on a frequency.

  • On/Off By clicking on the MONO/STEREO Icon this function will become active.
  • Frequency and Range The Frequency control (FREQ) sets the frequency of the mono filter: below this frequ,ency the sound is transformed into a mono signal.
  • Solo The Solo switch, when engaged, only lets the transformed mono signal pass.This feature is handy to seek out the correct range.
  • Mode The Mode setting determines how the stereo audio signal is turned into a mono signal. The options here are: Left Channel, Right Channel, the sum of the Left and Right Channels averaged (L+R), and the signal difference between the two channels (L-R).

Back Panel
Selecting the computer keyboard Alt key brings its back panel. The back panel contains program information and the stereo input and output.



Released: 2018-12-17
Version: 1.0.4


Rob Papen